10 Useful Tips to Help You Fall Asleep


10 Useful Tips to Help You Fall Asleep 

Falling asleep can be harder than waking up! Especially if you’re on that snooze alarm 5 times schedule. Here are some tricks to help you sleep.


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Students who still have a lot ahead of them. Students like me, who still have dreams, goals, and students who still aim for achievements. But because of this tragedy, it all faded away. 

I bow and salute to the brave students who saved the lives of others and sacrificed themselves. They are heroes. They are people who deserves a lot better than awards. They deserve to be in Heaven, a place full of happiness and there will be no more sufferings. I also pray for the lives of the family and the people involved in this accident and specially the souls of these heroes.

I hope that the students who were saved by these mighty students will live their lives to the fullest, achieve their dreams and goals and love their family more. I also wish that they will live being inspired by the heroes who saved their lives. Please do so.

And for the captain, my middle finger salutes you. Live well. In guilt. Thank you.


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3 day weekend got me like…


3 day weekend got me like…

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